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Dog Training


Training of a dog starts when is puppy until the full adulthood. Our dogs training center, is here to help you with your dog, so living together will be easier! Our aim is to train your dog properly, so you will be able to understand each reaction, to correct and to make the dog part of your family.

Starting from the first time your puppy comes to your home, we start with the first steps of the training (called "dog pre-training"). There we help the puppy to get over the "shock" of separation from mother, to be part to his new pack-family, yours, and to feel comfortable with that.

We also have to start the education socialization of our dog. As a term socialization of a dog is not about -to everybody- friendliness of the dog, but the acquisition of experience, as much as possible, to eject phobias and complexes. So we build a stable nature.

At age of 6-8 months, basic obedience is necessary to be done! Your dog will be able to learn the 12 basic commands! Training is done without violence just with the patience and the perseverance of the owner, so we can "win" the dog’s stubbornness. The presence of the owner is necessary: Owner has to learn some dog training methods, in order to correct any future negative behavior of the dog. The owner should be his trainer.


At age of 18-24 months, and as long as we take into account some conditions, like appropriate race, absolute discipline and proper preparation, we can start the training for protection tasks. This training is not about making the dog more aggressive but help it to get out his basic instincts, in order to defend its family members and home, not attacking.

Another kind of dog training is the training of avoiding get poisoning by the training of refusal food by strangers. This train should start as soon as it possible, when the dog is still puppy, while the "pre-training" is taking place.

Dog Training for disabled people needs a lot of time, patience and involves a study of all factors (special needs of man, space, etc.)

Security training is about private companies or for places who the existence of a supervisor is necessary. It provides specialized training and helps the dog to be able to stop any intruder.